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Extreme sports kite powered land board

Freestyle kite powered land board traditionally use heavy sets of ball race bearings in small diameter wheels in bursts of speeds up to 30 mph. They are often used in dirty, salty and wet environments requiring regular cleaning and lubrication. The total weight of the boards, which typically retail at £350 or more, is also a critical consideration in this type of sport. The riders are often airborne at heights of 20 feet, performing aerial tricks and often landing heavily. Standard bearings are typically heavy, expensive, corrosion prone and need for constant maintenance to provide satisfactory service life and performance. Grit, salt and water emulsions are typical environments. Riders often have to carry sets of spare bearings and change them between sessions. Stainless bearings are prohibitively expensive for most riders and still suffer from ingress of abrasive material. iglidur® Z bearings from igus® were found to eradicate all these issues.


Paul Hartland
Research Consultant
Custom Kite Board Products

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