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High quality garden swing

The Arx garden swing for up to four adults is a high quality consumer product; designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK using tubular stainless steel and formed birch faced plywood. Arx comprises two bench seats which are suspended from the frame and connected at the floor. Whilst the swing moves gently back and forth, beverages placed in the cup holders or on the removable table will not spill. The swing can be left outside all year round and needs very little maintenance. It can also be assembled in under an hour. Arx is a luxury product designed to relax its occupants and to create a sense of tranquillity – without creaks. Uneven, jolting motion would result in beverages being spilled and would irritate the occupants. Additionally, Arx must be able to be left outside all year round without the need to be dismantled. During the engineering process, stainless steel rod ends were abandoned in favour of igus® polymer rod ends. This is because they are high quality, low maintenance products, which enable the swing to function smoothly and noiselessly. They are also strong enough to carry the weight of the seats and their occupants. igubal® bearings can be used outside throughout the year.


Susan Sellar
Product Designer
Dawson Sellar Design

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